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Cosmetic White Fillings

David Coveney, November 7, 2007 at 5:26 pm

Before and after cosmetic white filling treatment

We here at Hall Green Dental understand the importance of dental aesthetics to our patients. Dark amalgam fillings can make a mouth look unattractive to some people. One answer is to use modern white fillings.

These polymer based fillings can be coloured to match the tooth material, giving a realistic look and making you feel proud to open wide!

The image to the right first shows how a standard amalgam filling looks, followed by its replacement with a modern white polymer filling. The new white filling is matched as closely as possible to the natural tooth colour, and is far less conspicuous than before.

We generally advise that it’s better to change to white fillings when your old amalgam fillings need replacing, rather than doing the change for cosmetic reasons only. However, a short consultation with our dentist will help clarify what is and is not best for you. Feel free to call us on 01695 622 066 for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions About White Fillings

Q: Are white fillings as durable as old-fashioned amalgam or gold fillings?
A: Some of the latest materials are now considered to be as durable as the old silver amalgam fillings, although this does depend on the location in the mouth. We will advise you on the expected longevity of your white filling.

Q: Can I have my amalgam fillings replaced with white ones?
A: Most dentists will advise you to wait until they need to replace your fillings, rather than carrying out unnecessary work. This is because a replacement filling will not always be successful and a crown or inlay may be necessary.

Q: Are white fillings more expensive than amalgam?
A: Yes, but not dramatically so. It does vary, depend on the size and nature of the filling, and your dentist will advise of likely costs during your consultation.

Q: Can any tooth be filled like this?
A: Yes, although where you need large fillings in back teeth there’s more chance that the filling won’t be successful compared to an amalgam filling – in some cases a crown over an amalgam post may prove more successful.