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David Coveney, November 7, 2007 at 5:27 pm

Before and after crown treatmentWhere a tooth’s been damaged too far for filling, but is still strong enough to keep, a crown can be fitted. This, as the name suggests, is like a crown over the tooth, replacing the top part but continuing to use the original core of the tooth.There are a number of different types of crown, but the most common are full porcelain crowns – where the crown is entirely made from porcelain – and metal porcelain crowns. Gold crowns are also used sometimes and are especially suitable for partial crowns where some of the upper part of the tooth is in good condition. For maximum longevity, metal porcelain crowns are usually used.

The image on the right shows two of the steps of crown preparation and fitment on a model of teeth. The top shows the underlying work on the original tooth, and the second is the crown that’s been positioned on the metal work underneath. The crown looks natural and should give many years of service.

Frequently Asked Questions About Crowns

Q: Can the crown be matched to the colour of my other teeth?
A: Yes, it will be coloured and shaped to match your teeth so it won’t stand out from the others.

Q: Why can’t I just have a filling?
A: Sometimes a large filling can leave the sides of the tooth a little fragile. To avoid extra damage a crown, or cap, can be placed over the tooth in order give a strong, natural looking tooth. Your dentist will advise you of the reasons for using a crown instead of a filling or other treatment.

Q: How long will it take to have a crown fitted?
A: Usually it takes between thirty minutes and a couple of hours to prepare you teeth for crowns and take a cast of your mouth. Once done, you’ll be provided with a temporary crown while the new one is being prepared. A week or so later you’ll return to the practice to have your crown fitted and adjusted during a short appointment.

Q: Are crowns expensive?
A: The price varies according to type, and the amount of preparation required. You’ll be informed during your consultations of the likely costs. It’s also worth remembering that a good crown will last many years and give your mouth a natural look.